Affordable Pricing for Quality Content

Our straight-forward, per-word pricing model makes it easy to get exceptional content from experienced writers without spending a fortune. View our pricing model below, and contact me directly for a personalized quote on your content needs.

Content Creation Services

Content creation services include professional writing and editing, creating a polished product from start to finish. If you need content for a website, blog post, whitepaper, or eBook, we can provide the services you need. We provide three tiers of content creation services.

Tier 1 - Basic Content

Includes basic blogs and website pages on non-technical topics that require a minimal amount of research.

Starting at $0.06/word

Tier 2 - Advanced Content

Includes whitepapers and other content requiring more technical writing and in-depth research.

Starting at $0.08/word

Tier 3 - Per Hour Services

Ensures we put sufficient time into researching and polishing your content; great for long-term content needs.

Starting at $35/hour

Content Editing Services

Have a piece of content you've already written, but want it edited and polished? Whether you have a blog that needs some tweaking or a book that needs in-depth content editing, we have the experience and expertise you need. We offer two pricing options for editing services.

Per-Word Pricing

If you want a set cost for your project, per-word pricing is the simplest solution. We'll provide a thorough edit of your content to ensure it is ready for posting or publication. This is an ideal option for simple content that will be posted to the web, like website pages, blog posts, and other marketing content pieces.

Starting at $0.05/word

Per-Hour Pricing

If you have a more flexible budget, per-hour pricing will offer you the best editing services at the best price. This allows us to truly fine-tune your content, including layout suggestions and rearranging for better flow and comprehension. This is the perfect option for longer pieces of content, like book manuscripts.

Starting at $35/hour

Have a Fixed Budget for Your Project?

If you have a set budget for your project, and you're not sure if it will fit into our pricing model, just contact me personally! I am more than happy to work with your budget and let you know what services we can provide for the amount you are able to spend.

Email me or give me a call today to get a personalized quote for your content needs!

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