About Swan Content Services

Swan Content Services is a small business created to help other business owners find a quality, affordable solution for their content needs. With affordable pricing, flexibility, and guaranteed quality, you won't find a better option for your business's content

After working in the online content industry for many years, I left the professional world to spend more time at home with my child. I continued doing content work on a freelance basis, but as my client base grew, I came to realize that the content needs of business owners were not being met by the options currently available to them. I decided to create a business that offered the exceptional content businesses need today, without the high prices or long-term contracts.

So, Swan Content Services was born. I continue to create the vast majority of my clients' content myself, which allows me to get to know you and your business on a personal level. This helps me to create perfectly tailored content that captures your company's voice. When I do contract work out, I work with only a select few writers that I have worked with during my professional career, and who I know can provide the same high-quality content that I would craft myself. I also continue to personally review every piece of content to ensure it is up to my high standards before I send it back to my clients.

I received a BA in English with a minor in editing, and worked full-time in the online marketing industry for 5 years before focusing my time on contract work. Writing and editing has long been my passion, and I want to use it to help your business grow!